Our competences for the next web

There are a lot of discussions around the new Web3.
While many people talk, we build.

On chain development

Smart Contract development

We design and develop Smart Contracts on EVM, usable on Ethereum, Polygon, and other compatible blockchains.

Web3 Apps

DApps development

Demind offers end-to-end DApp development, including smart contracts, frontend, backend, and integrations. From prototypes to scalable production-ready applications, we can help you stay competitive in the new world of decentralized applications.

Specialized in

NFT development

So far, NFTs have been used as a certificate of authenticity primarily for digital artwork, but their use cases are rapidly evolving. Get in touch with us to implement your specific service or utility using NFTs.

Need references?

We are the team behind, the platform for managing memberships on Web3 using NFTs.
Check it out and get in touch if you need any additional information.

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